Booking & Services

Our passion is for helping people get their art out into the world.

In addition to providing a space for events, and for local musicians and friends to play together, we also are equipped to provide our production expertise to others, in the form of set presentation.

If you have an act or musical performance you would like to showcase on Vibe Unit Presents, please email using moc.tinuebiv@aidem‎. Tell us a bit about yourself and what you are looking for. More info about this presentation is available here

We have space at our project studio for 5-6 participants comfortably, and 6-8 if we are willing to reconfigure and squeeze a bit. We do not offer an audience area on-site due to the size of our room.

Event/Broadcast Production

We are also available to do on-location multitrack recording or broadcasting. Contact us to find out how we can help your project succeed. We have extensive experience in live production and broadcast, in both audio and video disciplines. We love sharing what we have learned, and are willing to help anyone replicate what we have built here in their own communities.