Gear List Explanation

Vibe Unit operates a small community recording and broadcast space in Benton Harbor. 

The following is equipment we either carry as house gear, or use on an almost weekly basis. Some of it is on loan from generous local musicians. Additional equipment is available upon request, especially various analog stuff.

We have much more that isn't listed here for various reasons.

The list is formatted in a way that indicates what we are using each piece of equipment for, since people frequently ask what is used to deliver the final product for a Sunday Session.

Audio Mixing / Processing

Behringer X32 Rack

Behringer S16 AES50 Interface

Seismic Audio audio snakes (50ft)

ART zDirect Direct Boxes (keys/synth/bass/sampler/acoustic)

Behringer 8024 Limiter/EQ (broadcast processing)

Tascam US-1641 (broadcast audio encoding)

RANE HC6 (headphone distribution)

Beyerdynamic Headphones

Sony Headphones

Shure SE215 In-Ear Monitors

GLS Audio cables


AKG C1000 (hi-hat)

AKG P170 (overheads)

Shure Beta 52a (kick)

Shure Beta 87A (vocals)

Shure SM57 (snare, guitar cabinets)

Shure SM58 (vocals)

Shure PG48 (vocals)

Shure PG57 (vocals)

Shure RS25 (vocals)

Electro-Voice MC300 (vocals)

Electro-Voice ND762 (vocals)

Sennheiser e835 (vocals)

Blue Encore 300 (room)

CAD TSM411 (toms)

Presonus PM2 (aux/inst)


Pearl SC 22x18" Mahogany (kick)

International CB700 14x6.5" Steel (snare)

Pearl Export 13x9" (rack tom)

Pearl Export 16x15" (floor tom)

Roland SPD-11 Sampler (e-drums, effects, samples)


Zildjian A Custom Fast Crash 16"

Paiste Prototype Crash/Ride 18" 

Zildjian A Medium Crash 18"

Zildjian A Sweet Ride 21"

Ludwig/Paiste 13" Vintage Swiss (hi-hat)

Guitar Amps / Cabs / Simulators

Vox AC30 Reissue (tube amplifier)

Krank Krankenstein 100W (tube amplifier)

Kemper Profiler Power Rack (amp/cabinet simulator)

Line6 POD XT3 (amp/cabinet simulator)

Sonicake IR Loader (cabinet simulator)

Guitar Pedals

Boss NS-2 (noise suppressor) 

Boss TU-3 (tuner)

Boss CE-2w (chorus)

EHX Soul Food (overdrive)

EHX Attack/Decay (transient shaper / fuzz)

Keeley Eccos (delay)

Walrus Audio Slo (reverb)

Walrus Audio Deep 6 (compressor)

TC Electronic Cinders (tube overdrive)

TC Electronic Hall of Fame (reverb)

TC Electronic Flashback x4 (delay)

Ibanez TS808 (tube overdrive)

Keyboards / Synthesizers

Korg MicroKORG

KORG Minilogue XD

Alesis V61 MIDI Controller

Polyend Tracker

Roland TRS-8 Drum Machine

Video Equipment / Software

GoPro Hero 3+ Cameras (camera sources)

Magewell Pro Capture (HDMI video capture)

OBS Studio (switching / encoding)

SPX Graphics (lower 3rds and GFX)

Newtek NDI Tools (network video flows)

Bitfocus Companion (automation / control)

Davinci Resolve (video editor)