Sunday Sessions @ Vibe Unit


Thinking about joining us for a Sunday Session? Here is all the information you should need to be prepared to join us for our broadcast. 

Vibe Unit is committed to a standard of excellence. We want to provide the best possible experience both for you as a player, and to our viewers online. To follow is a list of things you can expect from Vibe Unit during a live stream as well as expectations for our participants. 

Keep in mind, we are trying to inspire a culture of openness to the various skill sets that come to Vibe Unit, so above all, be encouraging to your fellow musicians. You will likely run into people who have none of your skill or knowledge, as well as those who have much more. Have an attitude that’s looking to learn and contribute. We are all just artists trying to create the art we feel represents our feelings well, and we know a rising tide lifts all boats. Be a part of the wave that lifts up your fellow creatives to new heights. We feel strongly that commitment to this concept is what really will bring long-term success to everyone.

Image and Appearance

Since we are trying to foster a healthy community and don’t want to exclude anyone, we ask that you keep in mind our reputation as facilitators. When we are broadcasting, we would like to keep cursing and crass humor in our discussions to a minimum. Recognize that the things you say on the stream will be immortalized forever on the internet, and we are expecting you to regulate yourself accordingly, as you are representing yourself as well as Vibe Unit. Put your best foot forward.

Firearms and any illegal substances are absolutely not allowed or tolerated on the property. There will be no exceptions and no warnings beyond the one given here. If you’re worried something you’re doing might not be acceptable to the group, it probably isn't- leave it at home. 

The Technical Details

Our approach to live sound at Vibe Unit is one that favors ‘silent stage’ wherever possible. The sounds from all sources in the room go to our console, where we mix both for in-room listening, and our live broadcast separately. 

Since we rely very little on room sound, there are individual volume-adjustable outputs for each musician to use headphones of their choosing. It is highly encouraged that you bring your own circumaural (around/over the ear) headphones. We have a small collection of house sets, but we can not guarantee that we will be able to provide a pair. You can discuss this with us before the session if you do not have a pair of your own.

We typically use passive, studio-monitor style headphones, (Beyerdynamic DT770, Sony MDR7506, etc) to hear what is being performed in the room. Any headphones you might have that are passive (no amps, noise cancelling, microphones etc) should work fine in our space. If you’re not sure, ask. 

Schedule and Time

Given the nature of our events, we operate on a set schedule that requires everyone to be respectful of the time of all those involved. Our live broadcast starts at 2:00PM. In order to be ready to start at this time, we ask that anyone coming to our space for a Sunday Session arrive at the 311 Colfax building by 1:00PM at the latest, especially if you are wanting to bring any of your own equipment. This gives us ample time to get you set up, and be sure that things are working properly. Please verify anything you plan to bring with Vibe Unit staff to make sure we will be ready for you, or let you know if there is some reason we can’t make it work.

If you are not planning on bringing your own equipment, you are required to arrive by 1:30PM at the absolute latest. If you arrive after this time, we will be unable to include you in the session. 

We have house equipment available for any piece of a standard rock band, plus much more. You are welcome to use our instruments and gear if you want to travel light, or are not able to bring your own.

Further Questions

As usual, further questions or communication can be directed to our email, moc.tinuebiv@aidem