What is Vibe Unit?

Vibe Unit is a collective which provides networking and support to local artists as well as operating a shared studio space for its members.

Our mission is to cultivate healthy relationships, improve our artistic output and quality, develop the artistic pursuits of others, and provide opportunities for community, growth, and fun in Benton Harbor and the surrounding areas.

In doing this, we want to use all available means to bring others into the experiences we enjoy. This involves many disciplines, including but not limited to musicianship, engineering, creative direction, and graphic design.

When did Vibe Unit start?

Vibe Unit began broadcasting January 1, 2021. 

Where did Vibe Unit come from?

The beginnings of this project were in late 2020, as venues were not open for an extended period of time due to Covid-19, which spawned many conversations between friends regarding the lack of outlets for musicians. Jon DeWitt and Mike Shane began planning to transform some available space into a shared practice/jam room, originally for the purpose of just documenting their collaborative sessions. Within a few months, others began participating and Vibe Unit's production values started to take shape, driven by a DIY try-anything approach. At the same time, our video production and social media approach were seeing tremendous improvement and growth, thanks to the creative sensibilities of Ashlee Leemaster.

By late 2021, things had reached a critical mass, as the need for other systems beyond those related to production became more obvious. After much discussion about where to take things in the following year, the team made the decision to rearrange the space and head towards a more intimate close-shot camera approach, with the purpose of bringing the music-making experience as close to viewers as possible. Early 2022 efforts were focused on this change in approach, as well as improving realtime interactions with viewers.

In May 2022, Vibe Unit secured a commercial space in downtown Benton Harbor, and we spent most of June working to renovate and prepare this location for session work and for facilitating our weekly broadcast.

In early July, we had our first session in the new space. We are mostly operational but the work continues on improvements. 

How is Vibe Unit funded?

We do not currently have any sponsorship of any kind, and are funded and supported by our members, however we do accept donations as well ($VibeUnit). We are open to sponsorship arrangements that include promotional consideration in our weekly broadcast. Reach out to our media team to learn more about how we can partner with your business.

The equipment you see belongs to us, and all opinions presented are our own as individuals.

What is the best way to contact someone at Vibe Unit?

Vibe Unit is managed by a pool of volunteers, so the best way to reach someone is to email us, moc.tinuebiv@aidem‎. Multiple people check this email box and handle responses, so please direct your questions or feedback there and we will get back with you personally.

How can I get involved in Vibe Unit?

Vibe Unit welcomes you to join us! Send us an email letting us know a bit about yourself, where you're located, and what your interest is. If you are looking to join us for a session, or just come by and check us out, mention that as well. If your interest is in the supporting roles such as audio and video, feel free to reach out, as there are several support tasks that come into play. We will connect with you and figure out how to make use of whatever time you'd like to spend with us.